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Summer 2017 has proven to be an amazing one as we continue to receive thrilling new work from all of our spectacular artists.  Within our first month into Summer, we had artist Larry Horowitz (NYC) bring stunning southern New Brunswick scenes including, Renforth Wharf and Saint Andrews by the Sea. Horowitz paints en plein air making his paintings come alive with vibrant colour and movement. Check out some of Larry's paintings in the link below.

Four of Peter Gough's brand new canvases are also unveiled this summer including one of a jaybird in the woods titled, "Woodland Shadow". Peter told us the story behind this spectacular piece. "I named the painting because of a number of encounters I have had with this wonderful creature of our woodland forests. I was once out for a hike in the woods looking for subject matter for one of my paintings. I sat down to have a bite to eat and out of no where a Jay landed on my boot and then hopped onto my lap and stole a piece of my sandwich and then flew off with not even as much as a thank you for the bite. You're never alone in the woods because a jaybird can't be far behind like your shadow that follows as well.

More of Peter Gough's paintings,

Another one of Trinity's most desired artists, Monika Wright, was recently awarded the Mary Pratt Crystal Award for "Loyalty to the Earth". She was chosen by Mary Pratt for the Society of Canadian Artists Exhibition.  Monika Wright, from Atlantic Canada, also has new works here at the gallery.

More paintings by Monika Wright,

Kristina Boardman uses acrylic to redesign the way we see the rocks and pebbles of which we see everyday. These rocks are so extraordinary that when you really look at them, you understand how something so simple can be taken for granted. Kristina is inspired by the rocks on both coasts as she lives by the ocean. We have heard nothing but amazing things about her work and we are so excited about having them here.

Check out Kristina's work,

Be sure to check out work from Mark Brennan, Sophie Paquet, Shelley Mitchell, Carole Lessard & more who are also featured in the summer exhibition. Another reminder that our Gallery Hop will be on Friday, August 18th from 5-8. This hop will be a group show primarily focusing on Atlantic Canadian Land and Seascapes. More info coming soon!!



We are ecstatic to announce the first Gallery Hop of 2017, so mark your calendars for Friday, May 12th. The new show features Angela Morgan's latest works, with her show titled "dangling from new heights" - and a very special welcome to NYC Photographer, Peter Cunningham, (who also calls Grand Manon home), who is unveiling his latest book titled "DISAPPEARING BEFORE OUR EYES" and featuring photographs from this series. Peter Cunningham will be at the opening and we'd love to see you there!

If you find yourself uptown, take a break from the drizzling spring rains and drop in for some bright, exciting colors and scenes that are sure to fill you with the warmth of summer.


Stories from Grand Manan Island

Photographs and commentary by Peter Cunningham

On the evening of May 12, Trinity Galleries will present the debut of Peter Cunningham's new book,

DISAPPEARING BEFORE OUR EYES, Stories from Grand Manan Island.

Peter Cunningham lives on two islands, Grand Manan and Manhattan. His father came to The Bay of Fundy in the late 1930's to study fog and stayed on to raise a family among the fishermen and clams. His eldest son Peter grew to become a professional photographer based in New York working with Broadway shows and pop-stars, but he always kept one of his feet firmly grounded on Ingalls Head in Grand Manan. His island "grandfather' was born half-native in 1890 so Peter was blessed to get a feel for 19th century culture as it became 20th and then 21st century culture. After his father died in 2008 he began a project to photograph and write down some of the epical changes he had witnessed on his time on the island, those notes became the basis for this book. On the cover Peter comments on changes he finds common to both his islands:

Everywhere we turn these days life as we've known it is disappearing before our eyes. Whether it's trust that's disappearing, or common values, or common sense, or simply home grown vegetables, we feel familiar worlds slipping away. New structures arise to replace the old, facebook replaces the telephone as metal lobster traps replace the hand-hewn wooden ones that came before. Both claim to function more effectively but we all feel we are losing something as we kneel before The God of Efficiency. Before the invention of radar, fishermen on Grand Manan navigated through thick fog and strong currents by "Dead Reckoning". They used only a watch and a compass and their animal instincts to know where they were and where they were going. In current culture our familiar markers are disappearing, we tend to become lost in the social and economic fog that envelopes our lives. At our fingertips each of us have more raw data, more information than we've ever had before, so, technically speaking, our way home should be clear, but it's not. In the spirit of Dead Reckoning, our ancestors, would suggest we might start to locate ourselves if we simply STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN

Peter's work was last seen in Saint John Arts Center in 2010. He strung two sided pictures across the center of the gallery.

April 2017

Spring has sprung, and Trinity Galleries is filled with beautiful new artworks from Kristina Boardman, Monika Wright, new artist Larry Horowitz!

Trinity Galleries is pleased to congratulate our artist Peter Gough on his painting "Lines Across The Marsh", which is now part of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery's permanent collection. This is a well deserved recognition to an artist who is committed to his work and is as well, somebody who is so supportive of the Arts and other artists. Peter has been with Trinity Galleries since 2001 and we look forward to a long and outstanding future together. Peter is also the Vice President for the Society of Canadian Artists, which represents just under 400 artists from coast to coast.



Congratulations again Peter.

Going back a few years....


Every year, the American Art Awards selects from artists works from all over the world,
in several different categories.

This year, our own Peter Gough takes First Prize....



Woodland Shadow
55 x 50 in.  Acrylic on canvas
Radiance II
26 x 60 in.  Acrylic on canvas
20 x 40 in.  Acrylic on canvas
Ivory Sky
43 x 60 in.  Acrylic on canvas


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