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David Silverberg

David Silverberg was born in Montreal in 1936. As a young child, he studied under Group of Seven master Dr. Arthur Lismer. In 1957, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from McGill University. Later that year, he studied etching and engraving with William Hayter at Atelier 17 in Paris. This stimulating artistic environment included influences from Max Ernst, Marc Chagall and Matta. Silverberg has developed his own style of engravings. He taught many students at Mount Allison University during his thirty-two year association. Silverberg has had the distinguished pleasure to be Acadia University’s first Artist in Residence. David Silverberg is a renowned traveler. His curiosity has taken him to over eighty countries. His passion for art and travel is legendary.

David  Silverberg - Poppies
21 x 21 in.   $1050
David  Silverberg - House Sparrow
"House Sparrow"
4 x 6 in.   $325
David  Silverberg - Winter Flower
"Winter Flower"
4 x 5 in.   $325
David  Silverberg - Marie Touching Her Hair
"Marie Touching Her Hair"
9 x 9 in.   $525
David  Silverberg - The Embrace in the Castle
"The Embrace in the Castle"
4.5 x 8 in.   $360
David  Silverberg - Untitled
6.5 x 6.5 in.   $105
David  Silverberg - Too Fat to Fly [Fallen Angel]
"Too Fat to Fly [Fallen Angel]"
Japanese Woodblock Print
David  Silverberg - Transito Synagogue, Toledo
"Transito Synagogue, Toledo"
9.5 x 14 in.   $375
David  Silverberg - Dickcessels
9.5 x 14 in.   $375
David  Silverberg - Saxophone
David  Silverberg - Butterflies as Memories
"Butterflies as Memories"


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